Phonics & ESL Worksheets  

Worksheets are a very important part of teaching English. They deliver content efficiently and focus students' attention in and out of the classroom. Worksheets can be included in almost any English language, ESL or EFL lesson plan. Phonics Fair allows you to download English worksheets through one easy-to-navigate site—you can save on lesson preparation time and have more time for your classes.

We have set out our activities within a step-by-step phonics framework. All worksheets are self contained so they can be used sequentially or in any desired order. Teachers can download phonics worksheets that best match their classes. This allows you to easily find the right materials for your English lessons.

Children learn in different ways and engaging them with a variety of fun activities helps them to develop their language skills. Our site has over 1,800 pages of downloadable phonics lessons to provide teachers with flexible options to meet kids' needs. There are color in poster pages, trace and write prints, matching puzzles, mazes, drawing exercises, join the dots games, crosswords, hidden object puzzles and much more. Our phonics worksheets are integrated with audio guides which help develop kids' vocabularly learning, and listening skills.

We also have downloadable English lessons that help kids develop good grammatical skills which are especially important in ESL and EFL classes. All Reading & Writing sections include English worksheets which focus on a specific grammar theme. Each grammar theme has been chosen based on it's high frequency of use in everyday conversation which helps kids become confident English speakers.

If you need more grammar-themed activities, the Short Stories section is a great place to start. It has many beautifully illustrated reading exercises with matching comprehension activities. All stories are graded and placed in easy-to-find sections: Simple Present, Present Continuous, Simple Past, Past Continuous and Simple Future.

Our materials are very easy to access—kids can download phonics lessons and complete them with little or no help. The role of the teacher or parent is very important, but it's great to see kids doing things on their own.

To save money and help the environment, we have maximised the content in each page and minimised the need for ink usage. Your pages will still look great if you print on both sides of your copy paper and set your printer to a lower print quality.