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Great Resources For Busy Teachers

Phonics Fair is a great resource for teaching children to read and write using a systematic phonics approach.

Reading and writing are some of the most important skills a child must learn. The phonics teaching method is the best way to help children develop these skills — children learn the relationship between letters and sounds.

We have a huge collection of activities available for you to use in your classroom. There are phonics-based worksheets, games, reading exercises, audio guides and much more — all offer flexible options to meet kids' needs. Our worksheets, lesson plans and phonics games are suitable for school teachers, home-school parents and other educators helping children learn to read and write. They can be used in the classroom as warm-ups, fillers or as complete lessons. Alternatively, you can use them as homework for review or extra practice.

All the teaching resources are organised in progressive levels so you can easily find the best materials for your class. You can instantly access engaging and fun activities that are quick to find and easy to print.

We are teachers like you, so we provide materials that you want and need to make teaching and learning English fun.


Use for English Language, ESL and EFL Classes


Phonics Fair is a great starting point for ESL/EFL teachers looking for ESL lesson plans for kids. There are many activities that will add fun and targeted learning to your English classes. Our ESL games for kids help make learning fun.

Children from five years old or any child who has just started reading and writing English can enjoy learning English using our ESL lessons plans. Some teachers use our materials in ESL lessons for beginner level adults who love learning English in a fun way.

We continue to add new resources, ESL lesson plans and ESL games to our site. Our new section Short Stories features over 60 grammar-based short stories with follow-up exercises to help build kids' reading and comprehension skills.

Take a look at our many samples. There are lots of fun ESL lesson plans for children as well as phonics games and audio guides for you to try.