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Our carefully structured program offers your child or students a fun and exciting learning experience. This site is based on phonics and helps children develop great reading and writing skills.


Learning to read and write are vital skills every child must learn. Phonics Fair uses proven methods to develop these skills. Our step-by-step program provides parents and teachers with an effective resource that can be used for home study or in a classroom. Each successive level introduces new achievable language targets allowing children to develop a sense of success and achievement. Children continuously practise and review letter recognition, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension skills so they develop sustained reading success. Children develop confidence as they learn at their own pace and are able to check their own progress using the fun progress meter.


Phonics Fair aims to make learning to read and write fun. We have used language that is relevant to children combined with high frequency words so that children become enthusiastic and engaged learners. Recurring characters, Ted, Meg, Kip and others appear throughout the program. They help maintain your child's interest and make learning feel personal and fun.

On target

Phonics Fair provides instant access to phonics games, handwriting worksheets, reading games and audio guides. All in one step-by-step program that continually introduces and reviews key language targets. The short readers include recently studied words which encourage children to make informed guesses when reading sentences for the first time. The comprehension exercises focus on question and answer forms. They include lots of open ended questions that encourage children to communicate in English.

Easy to use

Our materials can be used at home, in a regular classroom or in English as a Second Language (ESL) lessons. Phonics Fair has been created so parents and teachers can quickly find what they want and to monitor a child's progress. In a fun environment children practise phonics, play games and develop good reading skills. Children learn to navigate the website quickly and become comfortable with using the internet. This is a child-safe site and is 100% advertising free.

For one low membership fee you can get full access to the Phonics Fair site and give your child a fun learning experience!


The Phonics Fair Team