About Us

Phonics Fair provides great resources that teachers want and need. We create fun and effective educational materials for teaching kids how to read and write. Members in our team have taught widely in early year, adult, ESL and EFL English language classes. Over 25 years of combined teaching experience has given us many insights into how to help students develop great reading and writing skills.
Three points stand out:
1. A systematic phonics approach is the best method to teach reading

and writing;
2. Children learn faster when classes include a variety of fun targeted

activities, and
3. As teachers, we want to spend more time teaching rather than looking

for downloadable phonics lessons and English worksheets.
With these key points in mind, in 2013, we started this site for teachers just like ourselves.

Understanding that no one class is the same, we have built this site so it can be used in a variety of ways. Used as a stand-alone course, kids can simply complete Levels 1 to 58. All activities are set out in progressive levels. Using their own login IDs, kids can login and download English or phonics worksheets by themselves.

Many teachers may wish to add new materials to an existing class. The simple layout of our site allows users to find downloadable phonics lessons and worksheets, which can be used in any English language class. All the English and phonics worksheets available for download at Phonics Fair can be used as classroom warm-ups, fillers or as complete lessons. They can be used for review or extra practice.

We aim to provide better resources for our members and continually add new features to the site. Recently, Short Stories was added, as we know some teachers needed reading comprehension activities for young adults.

We continue to add new resources, but if you would like to see another feature, or if you can't find the right downloadable English lessons for your class, then let us know. We really are interested in hearing from you and welcome your feedback.

Please feel free to look around the Phonics Fair site and try any of our free downloadable phonics lessons.


The Phonics Fair Team